Who is WOTR?


     Established in 1993, WOTR is a non-profit that engages at the intersection of practice, knowledge and policy across scales and in collaboration with stakeholders from across sectors. Headquartered in Pune, WOTR has impacted over 1.38 million people. In 1509 Indian villages, watershed development activities has been carried out and the area covered by this work is 8913.55sq.km. The total number of project villages has been 2643 villages, directly involved in 842 villages and partner agencies in 1801 villages. Also, the total number of people trained from the 27 states in India and 63 countries is over 280,000+.

     The WOTR Group consists of four institutions – the Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR); the Sampada Trust (ST) for women’s empowerment and micro-finance, Sanjeevani Institute for Empowerment and Development (SIED) which is the implementation wing of WOTR; and Sampada Entrepreneurship and Livelihoods Foundation (SELF) that has been set up to promote social enterprises and livelihoods.

     WOTR assists rural communities to assess their vulnerabilities to climate and non-climatic risks. It organises them in a socially and gender inclusive manner to help themselves out of poverty by regenerating their ecosystems in a holistic and integrated manner, conserving and optimising resource use, especially water, and undertaking climate smart sustainable livelihoods +.

     WOTR as a learning organisationhas set up theCentre for Resilience Studies(W-CReS) in Pune with a focus on applied research. It closely engages with institutional and governance actors so that insights and good practices derived from the ground experience contribute towards shaping policies and enabling effective programs. With a view to up-scale successful interventions, WOTR develops pedagogies for implementation and organises a variety of knowledge sharing and capacity building events for stakeholders across the civil society, developmental, donor and governance spaces, from India and other countries. WOTR, through

      W-CReS works as knowledge partner and offers services related to capacity building, concept development, proposal preparation and monitoring related to integrated watershed development and climate change adaptation.

      For more information visit us at www.wotr.org


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